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The American Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists (AAJLJ) is the voluntary bar association of American Jewish lawyers. We are a national nonprofit association that represents the American Jewish legal community in regard to legal issues that affect, and are of importance to, the community, including; freedom of religion, civil rights, human rights, access to justice, social justice, and defense of the rule of law.  The AAJLJ may also independently comment on legal issues related to the State of Israel such as the BDS movement and provides opportunities for American lawyers to better understand the Israeli justice system and the strength of the rule of law in Israel. 




Thursday, November 2 at 3:30pm PT / 6:30pm ET
"Guidelines for Addressing Antisemitism on Campuses." Jeffrey Lax, CUNY law professor and founder of SAFE CAMPUS, will guide lawyers and non-lawyers on the steps to take to address antisemitism on campuses. Register here.



"An Open Letter to the Bar" from David B. Rosenbaum, Esq.

See here for a powerful appeal from David B. Rosenbaum, Esq. to the Bar to ensure that the legal profession holds those accountable who justify the barbaric attacks of Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians.


Message from the AAJLJ on the Terrorist Massacres In Israel of October 7, 2023

 Fellow Lawyers and Jurists,

The news that reached us over Shabbat of the massacres, rapes, abuses and kidnapping of Israelis is truly appalling. Where terrorists crossed into a sovereign country, entered into civilian houses and shot babies point blank in their heads, there is no defense to such crimes against humanity, breaching every law of war. I am not going to retread all of the gruesome accounts that are being circulated other than to place that which is beyond comprehension into context. Murdering 700 Israelis is akin to close to 36,000 Americans being murdered in 9/11.

 As Jews, we love it when we meet somebody new, we play “Jewish Geography” and realize very quickly that there is one degree of separation between all Jews. This is no different. We will soon come to find that with every Israeli murdered, injured or kidnapped, we have a connection, and it is this factor that can unite us both in happiness and grief.

Throughout what was supposed to be Simchat Torah – a joyous festival- at first all I could think of is my friends, children of my friends and colleagues in Israel who are in or rejoining their units in this time of war. More importantly, I thought what can I do? This is what we can do:




1.     Donate Money  

There are many excellent organizations raising money for the families of the victims or for providing equipment or food for civilians and military alike. Some links are:

 2.     Keep Yourself Educated & Engage on Social Media

Social Media is one of the most efficient methods of receiving up to date information. Some of the accounts that I follow are:

@sachaRoytman the CEO of Combat Antisemitism

 @YosephHaddad a prominent Israeli-Arab Activist 

 @IDF The Israel Defense Forces

3.     Contact your Political Representatives

Below are a couple of links that should prove useful:

Click here to contact Congress with an important new message for members to amplify: Hamas must release all the hostages!

This Stand With Israel form will auto-generate an email by simply filling out your information  (make sure to submit the second page of the form)

4.     Turn Up To Your Local Events

There are rallies that are being organized by every community. Now is the time to engage with your local synagogues and Jewish organizations. 

5.     Contact the AAJLJ

If you hear anything that the AAJLJ should be responding to, please contact myself at [email protected] or any of the Board Members. If you see something, say something.

Lastly, stay safe. There is no doubt, that at times of war in Israel, Jewish community centers, schools and synagogues are targeted, and we have to be vigilant from a security perspective.

Robert Garson