Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue

The American Association of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists (AAJLJ) is the voluntary bar association of American Jewish lawyers. We are a national nonprofit association that represents the American Jewish legal community in regard to legal issues that affect, and are of importance to, the community, including; freedom of religion, civil rights, human rights, access to justice, social justice, and defense of the rule of law. The Association also represents and defends the interests of the State of Israel in regard to legal matters such as the BDS movement, and by providing opportunities for American lawyers to better understand the Israeli justice system and the strength of the rule of law in Israel. 



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Press Release
March 3, 2022
A Message from AAJLJ President Robert Garson
The events unfolding in the Ukraine; events that defy all of the progress made in respect to human rights and territorial sovereignty since the end of World War II, have shocked us all to the core, and as President of the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, I have resisted the temptation to put out a condemnation letter. In my opinion, such statements bring no action. It should be a given that we, as lawyers, respect the rule of law and will never countenance acts of unprovoked aggression. As a profession, we term litigation "dispute resolution" as it is believed that it is through dialogue and advocacy, even when fierce , that disputes are resolved.

At the AAJLJ, we believe not just in words but in deeds, and it was the ability to achieve a call to action that I was lacking until today. There are many Jewish organizations giving actual and active support to the citizens of Ukraine on the ground. Yesterday, I spoke to the leadership of the Cadena Foundation, a humanitarian non-profit organization, that specializes in disaster relief, and they are deploying with supplies to the region. United Hatzalah of Israel has over 100 volunteers on the ground with more to follow. Chabad, one of the ever present organizations in any Jewish community around the world, is helping to shelter those in need. The Jewish Agency for Israel is also seeking to deploy resources to the region. Tikva Odessa Children's Home has been sheltering children and has been orchestrating ensuring safe passage.

I urge AAJLJ members to connect with those in need through the organizations that are willing to help and to use your voices to ensure that those being oppressed have our support. As Jews it it has been seared into our collective consciousness that the world turned a blind eye while we were massacred. We cannot allow the same to happen to the people of Ukraine.