Past Events

The Importance of Sharing the Jewish Experience in Immigration Litigation with Muhammad Faridi

Climate Stress and Regional Risk in the Middle East - The Need for a New Paradigm with David Lehrer

A Brief Overview of Available Business Bankruptcy Remedies: How Business and Individuals Can Respond to Economic Distress in the Era of Covid-19 with Cullen and Dykman LLP

Settlements, International Law, and Prospects for Peace with Natasha Hausdorff

Business Insurance and the Coronavirus Emergency: Challenges for Business Owners and Insurers with Jared Greisman and Larry Mason

Covid-19 Medical Rationing: American and Israeli Perspectives with Yaron Covo

Auschwitz: Preserving a Place of Terror with Wojciech Soczewica and Michael Traison

Mass Atrocities and the Rule of Law with Arthur Traldi

Stop European Holocaust Denial with Grant Gochin and Sylvia Foti

Balancing the Imbalance of Gender Parity and Equality with Susan Sloan

Working with Israel: Compliance with the Foreign Agent Registration Act with Ariel Glasner and Jennifer Carrier

Israel on the Legal Battlefront: A Conversation with Sarah Weiss Ma'udi

The Conflict over the Conflict: The Israel/Palestine Campus Debate with Kenneth Stern 

Confessions of a Gay Israeli Diplomat: A Personal Perspective on the LGBTQ Community in Israel and its Fight for Equality with Elad Strohmeyer

The History and Future of Federal efforts to Deal With the Campus BDS Movement with Judge Arthur C. Zeidman

A Look Back at Civil Rights Decisions from the Supreme Court's 2019-20 Term with Art Spitzer

Preserving a Place of Terror - Part 2: Birkenau with Wojciech Soczewica

A virtual roundtable discussion on Israeli law and politics presented by the AAJLJ, Hiddush, and JPLAN, with Stanley Fink, Steve Greenwald, and Harold Halpern

An International Discussion: Creditors' Rights and Responsibilities and Responses to Insolvency with Michael Traison, Michael Kwiatkowski, Mikolaj Pietrzak, and Wojciech Baginski

Election Lawyers Address 2020 Voting Issues with Charles R. Spies and Joe Sandler

A Conversation with Michael Taylor: War hero, liberator, and fighter for Israeli independence

Discussion with the AAJLJ on Amicus Briefs in Supreme Court Holocaust Restitution Cases

In the Throes of a Crisis: How to Manage and Respond to the Unexpected with Nathan Miller, Ariel Glasner, and Milan Chatterjee

Current and Emerging Legal and Political Issues in Israel with Stephen Greenwald, Stanley Fink, Alyssa Grzesh, and Harold Halpern

The Lessons of Hate: Understanding and addressing the meteoric rise of anti-

Semitism and anti-Israelism with Richard D. Heideman  

Shocking Trends on College Campuses: The Rise of Anti-Semitism and Fall of Academic Integrity